[SR-Users] rtjson and uac_auth not updating to/from headers

Ben Merrills ben at zapappi.com
Tue Dec 24 15:06:47 CET 2019


I am using rtjson module to do some call routing, as part of that I've added an additional section to the document to include authentication information.

I am using the uac_auth function from within failure_route to send authentication on to the uri. This works fine... however.

When the initial invite is sent, the To/From headers are updated as per the rtjson document. This isn't the case however when the uac_auth function re-sends the invite with the digest header. The original to/from are being sent.

I am using the dialog module
restore_mode = auto
restore_dlg = 1

I assume there is something I need to call, but none of the RTJSON functions seem to be available within failure_route. Any pointers as to where I am going wrong would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

failure_route[TRUNKAUTH] {

    if (t_is_canceled()) {

    if(t_check_status("401|407")) {
        $avp(auser) = $avp(s:authUser);
        $avp(apass) = $avp(s:authPass);

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