[SR-Users] topos: how to hide one side only

Dmitri Savolainen savolainen at erinaco.ru
Mon Dec 23 17:31:46 CET 2019

Hi all.
I have Kamailio with 2 addr:
kamailio_external_ip - for client interconnect
kamailio_internal_ip - for local media server interconnect

Like this:
client - kamailio_external_ip - kamailio_internal_ip - media_server

"topos" module hide sip headers for both  "client" and "media_server" side.
Is it true: with topos i can't hide headers only for the "client" side  and
show them for the  "media_server"? I want full header set visible for the
"media_server", but  only kamailio_external_ip visible for the "client".

Savolainen Dmitri
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