[SR-Users] kamailio 5.2.5 wrong send socket on a mhomed proxy.

Henning Westerholt hw at skalatan.de
Thu Dec 19 10:31:56 CET 2019

Hello Vitalii,

thanks for the report. Please open a new issue on our github tracker about it, that this issue can be investigated more.



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kamailio 5.2 branch has a commit
09ac3e47ef79dbd599b7dec5b84ae3b792f025ed cherry picked from master branch.
It makes sense for master because get_send_socket2() behavior has changed and function became started and also there were some patches to propagate connection it to uac structure.

5.2 kamailio takes the first interface for TCP/TLS/WS connections and then finds existing tcp connection matched by ip:port, but when the patch is applied connection lookup fails and kamailio can't forward in-dialog messages.

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