[SR-Users] How to reduce re-INVITE time in Kamailio

Anuran Barman anuranbarman at gmail.com
Tue Dec 17 19:32:41 CET 2019

Hi, I am using Kamailio for my SIP Phone app. My main SIP client is the iOS
app. Till now everything is working fine regarding the calling. But the
problem is when the app is killed I am not able to pick up incoming call.
The thing is, when app is killed I am sending PushKit VOIP message to my
ios app to wake it up. App is waking up. But by the time app is waking up,
the original INVITE message got missed up. So according to SIP protocol it
will re-INVITE after some time. Currently if I keep my app open for 10-15
secs after it wakes up, I am able to get the re-INVITE and everything works
fine just as it was supposed to. But waiting 10-15 sec on the app is not
practical in any sense.

So my question is there any way I can reduce the re-INVITE time to like 5/6
seconds so that as soon as the app open it will wait for 5/6 seconds
(practical upto some extent) and it will get the call ? Or what kamailio is
using as the interval time is a SIP standard and can not be changed? If
possible to do so, how can I do that? Please help.
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