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Fred Posner fred at palner.com
Fri Aug 2 03:07:43 CEST 2019

On 8/1/19 7:52 PM, jay binks wrote:
> I have removed pike, and replicated without pike loaded.
> Just for clarity sake, adding more workers 100% fixed the issue.
> What im really seeking is a way to monitor for this scenario so I can 
> graph it and not get caught out by surprise.
> In the last day or 2, ive found that some of the DB Queries in my kam 
> config were taking longer than they should ( for a few reasons ), so 
> this will be a largly contributing factor, however ... it still comes 
> back to, how do I monitor for packets being dropped because there was no 
> worker.
> Thanks all
> Jay
> ...

Alex Balashov wrote a fantastic article on this:


Lots of good tips and explanations in there... with a tl/dr; being 
there's no straight forward answer to reaping maximum benefit.

For example, you're using DB... which many of us do. Are you using 
HTABLE to cache information that can be cached? Perhaps instead of 
running a query on every hit, you can run it every 5 min... or cache the 
password and save some lookups on authentication, etc.

Anyway, lots of ways of approaching this and the article above is a 
great place to start.

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