[SR-Users] from Asterisk to Kamailio

Henning Westerholt hw at kamailio.org
Tue Nov 13 22:04:24 CET 2018

Am Freitag, 9. November 2018, 21:25:15 CET schrieb Valter Nogueira:
> Today, I use Asterisk as a SIP/RTP PROXY
> I proxy from customers Asterisks to a VOIP provider, in a multi-homed
> server.
> Now, I want to move to Kamailio without any rupture in customer's
> configuration.
> As anyone can imagine I am kind of lost.
> In Asterisk, I create a dynamic host account named ACCOUNT1 and I receive
> in *FROM HEADER sip:ACCOUNT1 at customer_ip_address*
> In Kamailio, I have to define the account's domain like *kamctl add
> ACCOUNT1 at mydomain.com <ACCOUNT1 at mydomain.com> password. *Kamailio just
> accepts a REGISTER/INVITE from *ACCOUNT1 at mydomain.com
> <ACCOUNT1 at mydomain.com>*
> In Asterisk, I just dialout to the VOIP PROVIDER like *dial
> Asterisk does all the magic (it is a B2BUA). It bridges the new call and
> media to the original call. Moreover, user don't know anything about how
> call are completed, nor how credentials are setup and soon.
> In Kamailio, I guess that I have to use nat, tm and rtpproxy modules and
> maybe uac. I am not sure how to setup it.
> Can someone send me a clue?

Hello Valter,

did you already looked into this tutorials? They are for a bit older version 
of Kamailio and asterisk, but should give you ideas about the direction.


Best regards,


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