[SR-Users] Client Registration and Call over Kamailio

YAS0 CANER caner_yaso at hotmail.com
Fri Nov 9 15:06:35 CET 2018

Hello ,
I think you need a proxy kamailio in front of ims because u try to make more p-cscf. So it make it hard to solve problems an scenario . In my opinion, you can use f5\netscaler or similiar app. 

Good luck

Yasin Caner

serkan celik <srkancelik at gmail.com> şunları yazdı (9 Kas 2018 16:30):

> Hi all,
> I am using Kamailio as a proxy in front of a 3rd part Open IMS (Not IMS modules in kamailio).
> I have defined Kamailio as an outbound proxy in Soft clients(I have configured IMS users info in Soft Clients). When I send register from client to IMS, Register message is sent to IMS over Kamailio. Kamailio forwards this received Register to the 3rd party IMS. Finally the client is registered into IMS over Kamailio. However when I try to make a call from registered users (both registered over Kamailio), IMS sends 403 Forbidden - "Not Registered! You must register first with a S-CSCF" to Kamailio.
> When I debugged the issue I found the reason why IMS sends 403. When IMS receives an Invite message from Kamailio it checks whether source IP which Invite is sent registered or not. As I make registration over Kamailio without changing contact header, IMS registers the user with the contact IP (which is the client IP). 
> So to make a call from Soft client (IMS users) over Kamailio I also need to register Kamailio source IP as well.To deal with the issue I have changed the contact address of Register message coming from Soft client with Kamailio IP  on Kamailio. Then IMS registered Kamailio IP as a contact when registering IMS user. But this time when I make a call from Soft client  over Kamailio, IMS sends Termination Invite to Kamailio. So to finalize the call Kamailio has to route this termination Invite to the terminating IMS user .
> Is there any better approach to overcome this issue. Which is the better approach to use Kamailio in front of IMS. I want to both register and make a call from Soft clients over Kamailio to the IMS.
> Regards,
> Serkan CELIK
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