[SR-Users] Authentication against outbound carrier trunk

Krzysztof Grobelak krzysztof.grobelak at gmail.com
Thu May 31 23:24:44 CEST 2018

Hello List,

I have a working setup with a kamailio + freeswitch where i can register 
extension and make succesfull calls between them.
I added now a "external" path for outbound call to which i can 
successfully route using the dialplan + dispatcher combo.
My problem is that my outbound path requires authentication and i'm 
struggling to find a way to successfully authenticate with the remote end.
I configured the UAC module to register against the remote end with a 
set of credentials but in the SIP trace i can see that the kamailio 
simply uses the local user credentials instead of the external ones.

I believe that this is because the 401 Unauthorized from the carrier 
gets proxied to the extension which responds with its own credentials.

Can anybody suggest how can i stop forwarding them in this case to 
extension and instead use the UAC to reply with different set of 



The config:

request_route {


     xlog("L_INFO","Looking up route for $rU\n");
     dp_match("1", "$rU");
     $var(dsid) = $(var(attrs){s.int});
     if(!ds_select_dst("$var(dsid)", "4")) {
         send_reply("404", "No destination");
     if(!ds_select_domain("$var(dsid)", "4")) {
         send_reply("404", "No destination");
     xlog("L_INFO", "Looking up $fn in database\n");
     $avp(s:auth_realm_avp) = "realm.com";
     $avp(s:auth_username_avp) = "username";
     $avp(s:auth_password_avp) = "password";
     if(uac_reg_request_to("$fn", 1)) {
         xlog("L_INFO", "Found remote user [$rU] on [$rd] via [$du]");
         xlog("L_INFO", "going to <$ru> via <$du>\n");

failure_route[REMOTE_AUTH] {
         if ($T_reply_code == 401 or $T_reply_code == 407) {
                 xlog("L_INFO", "Remote asked for authentication");


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