[SR-Users] Pkg memory stats

Konstantin Polyakov piligrim_pk at mail.ru
Tue May 29 18:15:58 CEST 2018


Could somebody explain what do numbers mean for command "kamcmd mod.stats all pkg"? Is there somewhere documentation about that?

I can see the following information.
Module: xlog
   mod_init(213): 4104
   xlog_fixup_helper(533): 3176
   xdbg_fixup_helper(499): 632
   Total: 7912

I guess that numbers after colon are bytes. But what do numbers in (213) mean?

When I use command "kamcmd pkg.stats", I got absolutely different numbers which don't match previous statistics? 
What is wrong? 

What is the best way to analyze pkg memory usage?

Thank you 
Best regards 
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