[SR-Users] Memory leak in tm with push notifications

Ivaylo Markov ivo at schupen.net
Mon May 28 17:01:23 CEST 2018


I am trying to set up Kamailio as a push notifications proxy, closely
following the example in the "Kamailio in a Mobile World" presentation
I am running Debian 9 and Kamailio 5.1.3 from the official Debian
I believe the main modules involved in the issue below are tm, tmx, and

Every call passing through the proxy leads to a small memory leak in the tm
module - there is a large amount of "delayed free" memory cells from tm's
internal hash table. At some point the shared memory runs out and Kamailio
restarts. Using the "kamcmd corex.shm_summary" command I was able to see
that the top users of shared memory are "tm: h_table.c: build_cell" and
"core: core/sip_msg_clone.c: sip_msg_shm_clone" with the same allocation

I experimented with removing different parts of the configuration and
noticed that commenting out the "t_continue(...)" call in the "PUSHJOIN"
(see slide #22) prevents the leak from happening. Maybe something in that
function is incrementing the reference counter to the hash table cell, but
it is not decrementing the counter when done?

I tried looking around the source code of the tm and tmx modules, but saw
nothing suspicious. I also tried using gdb with a breakpoint in
t_continue_helper (tm/t_suspend.c:166) hoping to see what else is accessing
the htable cell, but was unable to find anything of use.

Has someone encountered anything like this? Can you provide more directions
on debuggin this? I can provide some bits of configuration, but an entire
test setup would be rather difficult, unfortunately.

Thank you for your time,

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