[SR-Users] SIP Server Hardware or VM ??

Mikko Lehto mslehto at iki.fi
Wed May 23 15:52:16 CEST 2018

Pinter, Gerd. <g.pinter at radionrw.de> wrote:

> Since we encountered problems with connections via mobile Networks we set up our SIP Server as RTP Proxy which resolved all those multiple NAT issues. But on the other hand we pay for that with a higher jitter rate. The question is, if anyone has experience if this issue maybe can be solved by running the Sip Server on a standalone hardware plugged into network Port on our Hardware Firewall, instead of a virtual Machine running on VM with virtual switches and so on. The current SIP Server has a Public IP Address, but all the Traffic runs thru Firewall, VPN, Hardware Switches and Virtual Switches. What you think?


Are you asking if RTP proxy can work in some other node
than the same where Kamailio SIP proxy instance is running?

If so, answer to that is yes. See rtpproxy module parameter rtpproxy_sock:

With that parameter you can set RTP proxy in HW and still have SIP proxy in VM.

If on the other hand you are asking about resource management to gain
better jitter and such in virtual environment, then I have no clue.

Hope this helps


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