[SR-Users] Best way to implement custom LCR

KamDev Essa kamdevessa at yahoo.com
Tue May 22 20:47:33 CEST 2018

I apologize for asking unit questions today and decided to just present the big picture and address what I am trying to get @ holistically.
I want to implement a custom LCR only solution on kamailio. INVITE in 300 out. Nothing else. I expect awesome cps stats that makes we lean towards kamailio rather than throwing up a home grown SIP server and worrying about performance.  
I have the guts of the LCR logic down pat, but todays its manual. In my process I do the following :   
   - Check LRN of the requested user. I use dig doing a ENUM call.  
   - Use the requesting user and LRN of requested user to mediate call type. Local or Interstate using LRN check via ENUM call (above) and LCAD data lookup. I use sql query. 
   - Mediate call type Intrastate or International if not Local or Interstate using LERG lookup. SQL query too. 
   - dip into database with requesting user and call type and get N lists by costs ascending. SQL query. 
   - Construct Contact info in db or kamailio. 
   - Send 300 reply will contact having the various routes. 
 I can automate 2 through 6 using Kamailio. Basically xquery with supplied data and deal with the Contact header with data received. 404 or default route if no data received.

I cannot handle the ENUM in kamailio or mysql. The provider does not provide SIP redirect. 
What are my options, besides changing LRN providers?
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