[SR-Users] cfg script 101

KamDev Essa kamdevessa at yahoo.com
Wed May 16 23:59:06 CEST 2018

I have decided to do Hunting DIY. I needed some help with the cfg script part and using a database dip. 
Say I do the db dip 
sql_xquery("ca", "call usp_GetHuntBranches( '$rU', '$rd');", "ra");that will return the uri/q pairs and I will add using append_branch dynamically. 
How do I do the looping in the script?
I have 2 ways to deliver the list via the sp.   
   - Rows with uri and q values. easiest 
   - Single row with variable paired fields like say ur1,q1,ur2,q2 etc etc 
Questions :   
   - Can the script handle  sql_xquery with multiple rows. If so, can I get a code snippet or example that show me how to iterate through. Is there a "while" loop capability in the script?
   - Is there a "substring" or "split" function in the script that could allow me to get the data as a single text with uri and q separated by a \ or |.
   - Or is there a document that explains the various generic functions I can use the cfg script area.
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