[SR-Users] No Video between WebRTC Client and Softphone when using Kamailio...works without Kamailio

Wilkins, Steve swwilkins at mitre.org
Sat Jun 9 18:46:32 CEST 2018

I am desperately trying to resolve a big issue I have when using Kamailio 5.2.0 and Asterisk 15.3.

As soon as I go through Kamailio, I get no Video on either side of the call; I do get two-way audio and the call stays connected.  If I simply go right through Asterisk, I also get two-way Video.  I am having a tough time determining why Kamailio is messing with the Video portion of the call.
I have included a full pcap file.  As a side note when comparing pcap traces of the Non Proxied vs Proxied call, the INVITE and 200 OK from Asterisk and Softphone are exactly the same.

Thank you,
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