[SR-Users] sip digest authentication

eyas barhouk eyas37 at hotmail.com
Thu Jun 7 21:45:23 CEST 2018

Hello dears

I’m trying to setup Kamailio with sip digest authentication scheme by using  the following configuration from s-cscf side :

modparam("ims_auth", "registration_default_algorithm", "HSS-Selected")

and the result was as following :

  1.  when the register message passed form the s-cscf to the hss and in the diameter trace I found the
“SIP-AUTHENTICATION-SCHEME” in the MAR request as “Digest-MD5”

  1.  After that the HSS send MAA message with “DIAMETER-ERROR-AUTH-SCHEME-NOT-SUPPORTED”
  2.  S-cscf replay with the message “Forbidden – privet identity not found (Authorization : username)”

So based on that could any one tell where was my mistake or how can I setup Kamailio with SIP-DIGEST scheme


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