[SR-Users] Problems with probing in dispatcher module

Paulo Ferreira paulo.ferreira at fccn.pt
Wed Jan 17 15:33:52 CET 2018

Hi list,
I'm using dispatcher module and I'm not able to figure it out how to
accomplish a simple task regarding gateways availability and probings.

My goal is to probe with SIP OPTIONS my three gatways every, for
example, 30 seconds. When one, or more, of them respond with unexpected
message or simply do not respond at all, dispatcher module put it/them
as inactive automatically.

I tried several conf scenarios but without success, all with gateway A
off. Fore example:

1 -> I configure the three gateways (A, B and C) in conf file
(sip.peers as configuration bellow) with flags 8 setted (probing
	- When I start kamailio with probing mode equal to 1, all
gateways present flags AP (using kamctl dispatcher dump) and nothing
change (I only see OPTIONS sent to host B and C).
	- with probing mode setted to 0, all gateways start with flags
AP, after 30 seconds, first OPTIONS are sent (only for B a C again),
both B and C pass to AX and after more 30 seconds (ping interval
defined) gateway A pass also to AX and OPTIONS stop being sent.

2-> Now I configured the gateways in conf file with flags 1 (inactive
	- With prob mode 1, all started as IX, 30 seconds later it
sends OPTIONS only for gw B and C and both change state to AP and A
maintain IX. After more 30 seconds, no more OPTIONS are sent and gw A
pass also to AP (hoped it remained IP or IX but not happened).

I also tried other combinations of these two parameters, but only the
onde I described above make me sense for my purpose.

Maybe the solution is simple but I'm not getting there or maybe this it
is only possible using failure or timeout routes and setting flags
manually to gateways :(

Can anyone point out the solution for this if it exists?

module configuration used:
modparam("dispatcher", "list_file", "sip.peers");
modparam("dispatcher", "flags", 2);
modparam("dispatcher", "dst_avp", "$avp(AVP_DST)");
modparam("dispatcher", "grp_avp", "$avp(AVP_GRP)");
modparam("dispatcher", "cnt_avp", "$avp(AVP_CNT)");
modparam("dispatcher", "sock_avp", "$avp(AVP_SOCK)");
modparam("dispatcher", "ds_ping_method", "OPTIONS");
modparam("dispatcher", "ds_ping_from", "sip:ping at test.tt");
modparam("dispatcher", "ds_ping_interval", 30);
modparam("dispatcher", "ds_probing_threshold", 1);
modparam("dispatcher", "ds_inactive_threshold", 1);
modparam("dispatcher", "ds_ping_reply_codes",
modparam("dispatcher", "ds_probing_mode", 1);

Thanks in advance,

Paulo Ferreira
VoIP at RCTS - Área de Infraestruturas Aplicacionaisz
Av. do Brasil, n.º 101
1700-066 Lisboa - Portugal
Telefone|Phone: +351 218440100; Fax: +351 218472167

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