[SR-Users] cnxcc module - make auth for redis connection

Dmitri Savolainen savolainen at erinaco.ru
Mon Feb 26 21:21:58 CET 2018

As you mentioned, cnxcc can't perform password auth.
But using redis in local address is good practice in my mind: it used as DB
cache often

On 26 Feb 2018 9:32 p.m., "Donat Zenichev" <donat.zenichev at gmail.com> wrote:

Hi community.
This message is specially dedicated to developers of the kamailio project.

I need to find solution how to make authentication for connections of cnxcc
with redis.
For that moment, cnxcc module is able to connect to redis only without
password (Carlos Ruiz Díaz will add this possibility later?).
So that, this makes database vulnerable.

Well, furthermore I don't want to use local redis database, cuz I think
machine that contains kamailio daemon, must perform just this kind of
actions - SIP proxying (kamailio server is not to be a database server or
anything else).

For that moment we use separate redis db for cases like that, but this is
not best practice I think.
I already tried to find solution (for e.g. connections via another module
like db_redis:
https://github.com/kamailio/kamailio/pull/1432) but I got advice -
achieving my goal by sr-users mailing list.

Please pay attention for my request. I think this will be very helpfull for

BR, Donat Zenichev
Wnet VoIP team
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Tel USA: +164(67) 8-174-17 (ext 1320)
https://w-net.us/ <http://wnet.ua>

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