[SR-Users] How are SIP messages divided amongst TCP workers?

Cody Herzog CHerzog at IntouchHealth.com
Fri Feb 23 20:17:48 CET 2018

>A common design which avoids this is to use TCP at the client edge and
>UDP inside the network core. This is one of the reasons why TCP is not
>optimal for use inside the core.

That makes sense, but is unfortunately not an option for me due to strict security requirements.
I need to use TLS on the whole path.

Another option I explored was to have the edge proxies not always use the same TCP connection for sending to the registrar.
If I could find a way to load balance across a number of TCP connections, that would probably work for me.
Perhaps there is a way the DISPATHCER module can be configured to accomplish this.
Maybe the dispatcher configuration can list multiple copies of the same destination, but each having a different send socket address, and then can load balance across those.
Does that make any sense?

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