[SR-Users] rtpengine codecs transcoding: performance

Jeff Brower jbrower at signalogic.com
Fri Feb 23 17:42:59 CET 2018


> Is there a study comparing the performance (quality and cpu/ram
> consumption) of codecs transcoding between rtpengine and
> asterisk/freeswith? Is rtpengine more efficient?

Can you specify which codec and number of concurrent channels (capacity) ?  For older non-complex codecs (G726, GSM, etc) capacity won't make a
difference, for not-as-old codecs (G729, iLBC, AMR-NB) it will make some difference, and for more recent complex codecs (AMR-WB, Opus, EVS) it will
be significant issue.  Also, rtpengine is using ffmpeg for codecs; freeswitch and asterisk run codecs included in their core source (also they have
ways for other resources on the network to run codecs).


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