[SR-Users] Inserting a message into a transaction?

Emmanuel BUU emmanuel.buu at ives.fr
Tue Feb 20 21:12:55 CET 2018

Just a small detail ...

I noticed that by doing so, K create a "totag" parameter in the "To" 
header of 180 Ringing reply. That tag parameter is part of the dialog 

Then then 183 Session progress that will be forwarded will also have a 
"totag". It will be different because it is generated by the called 
party. Some picky SIP stacks in the calling end-points may enforce 
strict dialog identification and therefore would not recognise 183 
Session progress and the subsequent 200 OK as part of your current call.

In case this happends, you know where the issue comes from.


Le 2018-02-20 à 18:24, Daniel Tryba a écrit :
> On Tue, Feb 20, 2018 at 05:41:49PM +0100, Emmanuel BUU wrote:
>> sl_send_reply("180", "Make this retarded endpoint ring");
> Well, this is embarrassing :)
> This is so obvious that I didn't even try. I was under the impression
> that a send_reply in on_reply would send to the source of the reply.
> onreply_route[MANAGE_REPLY] {
>          if(status=="183")
>          {
>                  send_reply("180","Ringing.");
>          }
> 		...
> Does the job.
> Thank you very much Emmanuel.
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