[SR-Users] RTPEngine Transcoding

Social Boh social at bohboh.info
Thu Feb 15 13:35:01 CET 2018


I'm trying to use this configuration:

Softphone A audio codec g722 and Opus

Softphone B audio codec PCMA and PCMU

Kamailio with rtpengine_manage with codec-transcode-PCMU
codec-transcode-PCMA in the request

Softphone A call Softphone B

The RTPEngine DEBUG show many Decoder Error:


Thank you


I'm SoCIaL, MayBe

El 13/02/2018 a las 20:05, Richard Fuchs escribió:
> On 2018-02-13 07:22 PM, Social Boh wrote:
>> Thank you.
>> which is the best way to implement ir
>> codec-strip-all and the add codecs?
>> Is there a document about how work the transcoding?
> It's really up to you and depends on what you want to achieve. Doing a
> strip-all and then adding codecs you want to offer is definitely one
> way. Another is to just add codecs that you know or think the peer may
> want to see.
> Cheers

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