[SR-Users] kamailio Rx_AAR qusetions

Lv, Victor (NSB - CN/Qingdao) victor.lv at nokia-sbell.com
Mon Feb 12 04:27:09 CET 2018

Hi All,

I am trying to send two Rx_AAR after Kamailio receive 200 OK with SDP:

The first one for termination part is worked well, but in MT_aar_reply route block, it's not works.
The one I marked with red color, is there anyone know how configure Kamailio to send two Rx_AAR after receive 200 OK SDP?

Thanks a lot!!

if (t_check_status("200")){
                xlog("L_DBG", "IMS: Received 200 nside orig_initial_reply\n");

                $var(aarret) = Rx_AAR("MT_aar_reply", "term","",2);
                xlog("L_DBG", "AAR return code is $var(aarret)\n");
on MT_aar_reply block:

        #this is async so to know status we have to check the reply avp
        switch ($avp(s:aar_return_code)) {
                case 1:
                        xlog("L_DBG", "Diameter: Term AAR success on media authorization\n");
                        xlog("L_ERR", "IMS: AAR failed Term\n");
                        xlog("L_ERR", "IMS: ttag: "+ "$avp(TTAG_CUSTOM_AVP)");
                        xlog("L_ERR", "IMS: ftag: "+ "$avp(FTAG_CUSTOM_AVP)");
                        xlog("L_ERR", "IMS: callid: "+ "$avp(CALLID_CUSTOM_AVP)");
                        #comment this if you want to allow even if Rx fails
                                dlg_terminate("all", "Sorry no QoS available");
                  $var(aarret) = Rx_AAR("MO_aar_reply", "term","",2);
                  xlog("L_DBG", "AAR return code is $var(aarret)\n");

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