[SR-Users] Info: Kamailio project administration updates

Daniel-Constantin Mierla miconda at gmail.com
Wed Feb 7 11:08:11 CET 2018


after several discussions at some of the past IRC devel meetings,
finally we started to build a team to be involved more actively in the
administration of Kamailio. The project has grown steadily, not only in
terms of code, but also packaging, continuous integration, social
networking interactions as well as participation to events world wide.

For a better coordination and ability to handle related tasks, I invited
the most active developers and community members to join so called
Kamailio Administration Team, the initial details about it are published
as part of management page on kamailio.org:

  * https://www.kamailio.org/w/management/

Some more details about its rules and purpose:

  * https://www.kamailio.org/w/kadmin/

It will still take some time to get it properly rolling, more or less
now looking to see if the community has suggestions/improvements on what
can be done in these aspects.

I wrote to all mailing lists for the initial announcement, but you can
just reply to sr-users, if you are subscribed there, otherwise it's fine
to write back to any of the lists.


Daniel-Constantin Mierla
www.twitter.com/miconda -- www.linkedin.com/in/miconda
Kamailio Advanced Training - March 5-7, 2018, Berlin - www.asipto.com
Kamailio World Conference - May 14-16, 2018 - www.kamailioworld.com

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