[SR-Users] Feature/help android fcm and ios related push notification module

Vasiliy Ganchev vancecezar at gmail.com
Tue Feb 6 17:13:25 CET 2018

hi there!

tsilo module does nothing with push notifications. It allows doing late
forking, for "awakened" devices

Regarding how and where to send push:
read (if not done yet):

In our deployment, we do not send push notifications directly to APNS/GCM...
But set http request to the intermediate server.

Tasks that kamailio does:
 - knows about push devices (token, type(android/ios), etc ... - all
necessary data available while registration is alive and need to be used to
prepare push message )
 - make late forking (tsilo)
 - send http (http_client/http_async_client modules for this job) request to
an intermediate HTTP server (e.g. when new call arrives)

Tasks for "intermediate HTTP server":
 - receive data from kamailio
 - has knowing how to interact with APNS/GCM...
 - based on that data - send push toward appropriate server (APNS/GCM)

Making this division kamailio knows nothing about google, apple...

There is no magic ready configuration, but there are all necessary tools to
build what you need.

If you ask some more specific questions I would try to answer.


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