[SR-Users] Rather noob question about functionality of Kamailio as an SBC

John Millican john at millican.us
Thu Dec 20 18:04:36 CET 2018

I have read the article at: 
Since this was written back in 2013, I was wondering if there has been 
any changes/additions/improvements in Kamailio since then that would
have an impact on the conclusions made in the above article?
Where I work we are in the process of
1) determining what functionality we need now and in the not too distant 
2) based on the choices made in #1, do we need a fully functional 
"professional" SBC or can we get away with a "pedestrian" SBC and use an 
application like Kamailio.
Generalizations are ok of course but pointers to specifics would be 
awesome if possible.  I know this list is not here to do my homework for 
me.  I will be doing more research myself but I am sure there are many 
folks here that have gone down this road already and am hoping to 
benefit form their experience while I build my own knowledge.

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