[SR-Users] RFC: updates to some core functions

Daniel-Constantin Mierla miconda at gmail.com
Wed Dec 19 08:49:35 CET 2018


it was brought into discussions several times in the past about core
functions not accepting variables in the parameters. I think it is time
to update them during the 5.3 release development. For few of them, I
added in the past some alternative function in the corex module (e.g.,
force_send_socket() in core and set_send_socket() in corex module).

So, I see two options:

1) add a function with similar name in corex module and same behaviour
like the one from core

2) remove the function export from the core and export one with the same
name from the corex module

First one will ensure that configs using the functions right now keep
working without any update.

The second one will be better in long term from the point of
documentation (no duplicated docs), but there might be few cases that
would require updates in the config -- iirc, there are some functions
that can get special tokens in the parameters (like forward(uri:host,
uri:port)), they will get an equivalent with variables, but old config
will not be compatible.

Obviously the reason for this email is to ask the developers and users
what would be the preferred way from own point of view.


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