[SR-Users] "Discarded invalid SRTP packet: authentication failed" warning

David Cunningham dcunningham at voisonics.com
Tue Dec 11 23:05:24 CET 2018


We're having an issue with rtpengine (used by Kamailio) where audio works
initially, but then after an apparently random amount of time stop working.
We see that when audio stops working rtpengine logs this:

Dec 10 09:58:57 hostname rtpengine[376]: WARNING: [Pl1SeGDssOsDNWQdvey4lg..
port 48766]: Discarded invalid SRTP packet: authentication failed

It then logs similar messages until the call hangs up. No such messages
were logged while audio was working.

Searching for this error message suggests that a change in the SSRC can
cause the problem, but we don't see any such change in the PCAP. The source
IP, port, codec, and SSRC all stay the same, and the Sequence increments as

Does anyone have suggestions on where to look next? We can share the PCAP
privately if that would help anyone.

Thanks for any advice!

David Cunningham, Voisonics Limited
USA: +1 213 221 1092
New Zealand: +64 (0)28 2558 3782
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