[SR-Users] core at kamailio 5.1.6

David Escartín descartin at bts.io
Mon Dec 10 15:06:06 CET 2018

Hello Daniel

sorry for the delay
We actually saw that the server running the kamailio had like issues to handle all of the traffic, so seems the delayed process of messages came from there.
Since it was happening on a production environment, we had to replace the machines, so now they are running on another servers.

Anycase, i will test that patch on a test environment and if i find any issue i will let you know

thanks a lot

On 30/11/18 16:44, Daniel-Constantin Mierla wrote:
> Hello,
> can you test with the patch from the next commit?
>    -
> https://github.com/kamailio/kamailio/commit/39b89a18a8c357151a173ab02dc95dff1f02715d
> There is a similar issue on github tracker and eventually the patch
> deals with both cases. Might have been an issue caused by a delayed
> processing that also induced some response retransmissions. I want to be
> sure it doesn't have side effects in some way, so be careful, watching
> closely, if you push it to production.
> Cheers,
> Daniel
> On 30.11.18 14:13, David Escartín wrote:
>> hello all
>> we are seeing in a new kamailio instance some crashes. We are not sure
>> the root cause, here you have the last core generated
>> https://pastebin.com/xMRrug2X
>> COuld you please take a look to see if there might be any issue with
>> the last message that caused the core (to me seems normal) or there
>> might be some issues related to other system libraries, etc?
>> thanks a lot and regards
>> david
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