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On 28.11.18 10:10, sagar malam wrote:
> Hello,
> We have a system which using FreeSWITCH for calls and Ejabberd( XMPP)
> for chat.Now we want to support SIP SIMPLE as well.But we are not
> going to move old users to SIP SIMPLE but only new users will use SIP
> SIMPLE.This leads to requirement of having SIP-XMPP gateway for which
> are are considering Kamailio server.
> I have gone through documentation about Kamailio XMPP module, it is
> clear that Kamailio can convert SIP MESSAGE to XMPP  so SIP to XMPP
> will work but what about XMPP to SIP MESSAGE ? Does  that work as well ?

SIP SIMPLE and XMPP presence specs are not one-to-one compatible in
terms of architecture/specs. The xmpp module is able to translate some
of the basic presence concepts from one to another, but not everything.
The module is also a bit old, i haven't seen much activity around it to
be able to assert to how level it can help.

Another approach that I saw in the past is to leverage some (REST) API
between the SIP server (kamailio) and XMPP server (iirc, it was prosody)
in order to genenrate presence events/messages in both sides. Kamailio
has PUA modules that can get control commands via RPC (e.g., JSONRPC).


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