[SR-Users] Migrate from RtpProxy to Rtpengine

Nicolas Breuer Nicolas.Breuer at belcenter.biz
Tue Aug 14 08:41:32 CEST 2018

No. Using RTPengine on Kamailio. No asterisk behind. I think subst_body is not supported.

Someone can confirm ?

Le 13 août 2018 à 23:58, Wilkins, Steve <swwilkins at mitre.org<mailto:swwilkins at mitre.org>> a écrit :

Are you going through a PBX like Asterisk?  I am using rtpengine but I cannot get media packets to go from Asterisk->Kamailio(rtpengine)->softphone.  I get no errors and I see rtpengine traffic, but the calls go Asterisk->softphone.

Thanks ALL

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I migrated from Rtp_proxy module to Rtp_Engine.
Everythings works fine apart the rewriting of the SDP description in Kamailio

subst_body('/(^s=.*)/s=Test of a Sip call.\r/')

Any ideas if this is supposed to be supported?

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