[SR-Users] Issue with sipcapture

Nathan Leyton nathan at nlconsultancy.co
Fri Oct 27 17:07:50 CEST 2017

Hi There

I am new to Kamailio and have just installed and got it up and running as
a sipcapture node. It is working well and logging all the hep sip traffic
in my homer database.

I have an issue with rtcp extracted to the msg column is not json. It is
some kind of weird encoded string (not base64), this is not readable by
homer in any way.

When I use nonsip_hook I am able to extract the json from the hep and put
it in the msg field. However when I return 1 from the hep route on sip to
go back to main route I get parsing errors like so on all the sip messages:-

Oct 27 15:03:41 ip-172-31-19-41 /usr/local/sbin/kamailio[22518]: ERROR:
sipcapture [sipcapture.c:2711]: nosip_hep_msg(): couldn't parse sip message
Oct 27 15:03:41 ip-172-31-19-41 /usr/local/sbin/kamailio[22518]: ERROR:
<core> [core/receive.c:186]: receive_msg(): core parsing of SIP message
failed (
Oct 27 15:03:41 ip-172-31-19-41 /usr/local/sbin/kamailio[22518]: ERROR:
<core> [core/parser/msg_parser.c:331]: parse_headers(): bad header field
Oct 27 15:03:41 ip-172-31-19-41 /usr/local/sbin/kamailio[22518]: WARNING:
<core> [core/receive.c:193]: receive_msg(): parsing relevant headers failed
Oct 27 15:03:41 ip-172-31-19-41 /usr/local/sbin/kamailio[22517]: ERROR:
<core> [core/parser/parse_fline.c:257]: parse_first_line():
parse_first_line: bad message (offset: 0)
Oct 27 15:03:41 ip-172-31-19-41 /usr/local/sbin/kamailio[22517]: ERROR:
<core> [core/parser/msg_parser.c:675]: parse_msg(): ERROR: parse_msg:

It never actually enters the main route. With nonsip_hook off, I enter the
main route and all my sip messages are there in homer, just missing rtcp as
the data is a weird encoded string.

Hope someone can help


Nathan Leyton / Chief Technology Officer
nathan at callhandling.co.uk / 07482 917 412

Call Handling Ltd
Office: 0333 321 0888 / Fax: 0333 321 0877
Bakerloo Chambers304 Edgware Road, London, W2 1DY

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