[SR-Users] call_id in dialog module

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Wed Oct 18 13:52:17 CEST 2017

hi all;i want to write "billing" project with  kamailio,i using python,postgresql, dialog module and falcon.my problem is in "call_id" section.my code(this section) is in python :
if (method   ==  'INVITE'):
            callid          =        req.get_param_as_list("call_id")
            print("call id = %s " % callid)
elif (method   ==  'ACK'):            
            time_req    =       int(req.get_param_as_list("Ts")[0])
            callid      =        req.get_param_as_list("call_id")[0]
            print("user %s call to %s at time %d %            (from_user,to_user,time_req))...          
and in kamailio.cfg:
"""http_query("$rm&            call_id=$dlg(callid)&Ts=$Ts&fu=$fu&tu=$tu","$var(result)");
"callid" in ACK is ok but "callid' in invite is "null", where is my problem?

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