[SR-Users] Handle SDP ICE candidates

Thiago Guimarães thiago.barcelos at gmail.com
Fri Oct 13 15:50:40 CEST 2017


Yuriy Gorlichenko, first of all thank you for your attention.

What I'm trying to understand is; Is Kamailio delaying the referral of
INVITE when it arrives with ICE candidates? Because, when the INVITE
arrives without the ICE candidates, the INVITE is routed correctly.
When I send the INVITE with ICE candidates, Kamailio responds to me
"SIP / 2.0 100 trying - your call is important to us" and nothing else
happens, because this INVITE does not reach the other endpoint.

Initially, what I want is for endpoints to decide what to do with ICE

In my kamailio.cfg, I have a configuration related to rtpengine
"rtpproxy_manage("co");", could this affect the behavior for INVITES
that contain ICE candidates? I tried to comment on that line, but the
problem continued.

# RTPProxy control and singaling updates for NAT traversal
route[NATMANAGE] {
#!ifdef WITH_NAT
if (is_request()) {
if(has_totag()) {
if(check_route_param("nat=yes")) {
if (!(isflagset(FLT_NATS) || isbflagset(FLB_NATB)))


if (is_request()) {
if (!has_totag()) {
if(t_is_branch_route()) {
if (is_reply()) {
if(isbflagset(FLB_NATB)) {

Best regards

Thiago Barcelos Guimarães
thiago.barcelos at gmail.com

On Tue, Oct 10, 2017 at 2:11 AM, Yuriy Gorlichenko <ovoshlook at gmail.com> wrote:
> You can use rtpengine module for rewriting ICE candidates.
> понедельник, 9 октября 2017 г. пользователь Thiago Guimarães написал:
>> Hello,
>> I would like to know if there is any specific configuration in
>> kamailio.conf to enable/disable handle the array of ICE candidates.
>> In my tests, using PJSIP for the development of my User Agent, I
>> notice that when ICE is enabled, several calls made do not reach the
>> other User Agent and in this case they receive a 408 error.
>> I am suspicious that Kamailio is getting lost, when the SDP arrives
>> with the array of ICE candidates.
>> The initial goal of using ICE is to promote peer-to-peer communication
>> when both are under the same router, because the application is always
>> with STUN enabled.
>> Best regards
>> Thiago Barcelos Guimarães
>> thiago.barcelos at gmail.com
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