[SR-Users] URL problems connecting to external (Azure) MySQL database

Samuel F. samuel_is_kewl at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 27 22:19:20 CET 2017

Hi again,

Reviewing the source for the parsing function it looks like it won't be possible.


We see that once it hits the @, if it hasn't hit a : or / before it will assume everything to the left of the @ is the username and then it will start to parse everything to the right of the @ as the hostname.

In your case the host will be: clouddb and the port will be: password at clouddb.mysql.database.azure.com

Have you checked the docs under section 6?:

6. Reading configuration from my.cnf

Not sure how that is implemented to fetch the data but that might perhaps be a way to get around the parsing structure in the mysql module.

Also, feel free to submit a patch for the above parsing function if possible.

// Samuel

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Thanks for your quick reply!

Unfortunately the result is exactly the same error.

With best regards

Florian Floimair

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Could you try replacing the @-sign in the username with: %40  (percent-forty)?

// Samuel


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I’m having troubles connecting Kamailio to an external MySQL database (on Microsoft Azure Cloud).

Initially creating the database with kamctl worked fine, but accessing it at runtime via db_url fails.

A somewhat unusual thing about the connection to a MySQL database on Azure is that the username contains an ‘@’ character.

This leads me to believe that this case is somewhat unhandled when parsing the database URI.

Trying to connect to something like

modparam("sipcapture", "db_url", "mysql://user@clouddb:password@clouddb.mysql.database.azure.com/db")

Results in errors starting Kamailio

ERROR: db_mysql [km_my_con.c:124]: db_mysql_new_connection(): driver error: Unknown MySQL server host 'clouddb' (-2)

ERROR: <core> [db.c:318]: db_do_init2(): could not add connection to the pool

ERROR: sipcapture [sipcapture.c:1146]: child_init(): unable to connect to database [mysql://user@clouddb:password@clouddb.mysql.database.azure.com/db] from capture_mode param.

Is there a trick on how to achieve a connection in this case like some sort of escape character probably?

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Florian Floimair (IMS) 1568

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