[SR-Users] Kamailio IMS + Asterisk PBX

Ivailo Dobrev ivailod at telera.eu
Wed Nov 22 19:53:38 CET 2017

For presence AS use Kamailio !

* and FS (B2BUA) use for media related services.

On 11/22/2017 03:07 PM, Amar Tinawi wrote:
> My tests results :
> Unfortunately, no scenario was success, maybe because Asterisk does 
> not support sh interface (Diameter)
> My test was for presence service and couldn’t get it done.
> The results of Having asterisk as an AS with kamailio IMS : with sip 
> trunk configured towards S-cscf
>  And whether the user is identified in Asterisk as extension user or 
> not asterisk responded with 404 user not found.
As I say already, for subscriber specific/related services you should 
make something AS to have access to that subscriber data(provision * too 
for PoC for example). For subscriber unrelated services only SIP 
routing/dial-plans are needed.

And really, do not forget Kamailio as an IMS AS option when B2BUA is not 
needed :)
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