[SR-Users] Configuring Kamailio as a "VoIP traffic reflector"

Tahiro Hashizume tahiro at hashizumes.net
Fri Mar 31 06:15:58 CEST 2017

To all and Daniel

> have you tried 1 ipaddress and different source ports?
I have not tried it myself, however folks here having the same issue
have tried using both "chan_sip" and "pjsip" working on different
ports of the same machine (both under control of a single Asterisk
instance)  and reported that there was no success - only one of the
two accounts was successful on register.

> If my understanding is correct the solution is simple, in kamailio use
> force_send_socket to send requests to the sipserver from different
> adresses (
Yes, that's precisely what I was looking for!

> The hard part is how you will differentiate the REGISTERS from asterisk
> to the sipserver.
The imaginary solution to this in my head is telling Kamailio to
listen to (N=0-4) on dummyN as well, to which Asterisk
can register by using"register =>
1N at ntt-east.ne.jp:<PASSWD>:001N at<EXTL_TELNUM>"

P.S.-For those who might question, the purpose of using dummyN and
enabling ProxyARP on eth0 instead of adding eth0:N is to make the
reconfiguration easy when addressing plan changes (which has regularly
occurred in my experimental setup).

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