[SR-Users] wiresharking TLS problem

Rex Lin (林昱頡) Rex.Lin at quantatw.com
Mon Mar 27 05:08:30 CEST 2017

Hi Max,

No Diffie Hellman confirmed, we use RSA cipher instead.
I found that the problem was the TLS version;
I could see nothing while the TLS.cfg method was configured as version 1.2, but it's okay now after switched to version 1.0, but version 1.0 is an obsolete choice so I would rather the v1.2 if possible.
Much appreciate if anyone could help with this question.

Best Regards,
Rex Lin

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Additionally you need make sure to not use a DH enumeral cipher (client/server) if you want to decrypt the SIP TLS traffic.


Max M.

On 20.03.2017 09:04, Rex Lin (林昱頡) wrote:

hi all

wondering if any of you has the experience of TLS decrypting,

SIP client has problem while calling each other, but we are using TLS for communication protocol.....facing problem debugging it.....

Best Regards,

Rex Lin


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