[SR-Users] Siremis 4.3.0 with Apache 2.4

Daniel-Constantin Mierla daniel at kamailio.org
Tue Mar 21 14:05:26 CET 2017


php support in apache is not installed/enabled -- on Ubuntu 16.04 you have to install the php module for apache, which is no longer installed by default when installing php (as it was done for past versions).

Should be a package named like libapache2-mod-php or so.


March 21, 2017 1:58 PM, kai.ohnacker at cbc.de (mailto:kai.ohnacker at cbc.de) wrote:
	Hello Community, 

	I installed the Kamailio 4.4 and try to install the Siremis GUI based on apache 2.4.  

	If I try to start the Siremis Wizard, the Webserver display the following line: “location.href='$url'"; exit; } ?>”. 

	The starting page of apache 2.4 is working fine, but the /siremis page doesn’t.  

	Due the installation I take the dedicated apache 2.4 commands.  

	Are there some further requirements? Some ideas? 

	OS: Ubuntu 16.04 

	Thanks a lot. 

	Cheers, Kai  

Daniel-Constantin Mierla
www.kamailio.org -- www.asipto.com
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