[SR-Users] cisco spa502g issues

ben at wtf.com.au ben at wtf.com.au
Fri Mar 17 06:32:48 CET 2017

Hi guys,

we have a bunch of SIP phones behind a fire wall, with our kamalio 
server out on the internet. Most of them are the older SPA92x series, 
but we have some new SPA502g's.

We have no problems calling between 92x and 502's. How ever the 502's 
calling each other do not get voice path.

I have noticed that the phones REGISTER differently:

          AOR:: 5546@<our domain>
                  Contact:: sip:5546@<OUR OFFICE IP>:1032 Q=
                          Expires:: 180
                          Callid:: 4754c4f9-c67e1018 at
                          Cseq:: 43112
                          User-agent:: Cisco/SPA502G-7.6.2a
                          State:: CS_DIRTY
                          Flags:: 0
                          Cflag:: 0
                          Socket:: udp:<OUR SR IP>:5060
                          Methods:: 6815

          AOR:: 5590 at sip.skunkworks.net.au
                  Contact:: sip:5590 at Q=
                          Expires:: 1154
                          Callid:: 24435738-224b06db at
                          Cseq:: 8012
                          User-agent:: Linksys/SPA921-5.1.8
                          Received:: sip:<OUR OFFICE IP>:1026
                          State:: CS_SYNC
                          Flags:: 0
                          Cflag:: 64
                          Socket:: udp:<OUR SR IP>:5060
                          Methods:: 4767

The older 921 has its private IP in the contact, where as the newer 502 
has the external IP of our office in the contact.

Our file wall is a Watchguard T-10 (latest updates etc) with the SIP-ALG 

Any thoughts on where to start looking ?



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