[SR-Users] Bounty for topos fix

Trevor Peirce tpeirce-lists at acrovoice.ca
Wed Mar 8 19:32:34 CET 2017


I would like to offer a $100 USD bounty if a developer is able to 
provide a fix for the two topos problems I have experienced.  I will add 
another $50 if this can be solved within 48 hours of the time stamp of 
this message.

The bug report is at: https://github.com/kamailio/kamailio/issues/1005

You may find the most relevant information in my last few updates.  
Please refer to mar1-nat.txt and mar1-reinvite.txt for the most recent 
SIP captures, and the post below that for example database records.

Steps to reproduce the NAT problem can be found at 

Some fine print to clarify the offer:

Payment is contingent on resolving both described use-cases. Payment 
will be sent via your choice of PayPal, cheque drawn on a US bank, or 
cheque drawn on a Canadian bank.  Payment will be issued once the patch 
is accepted by the Kamailio project, although the bonus for a quick 
resolution simply requires a suitable patch to be submitted to the bug 
tracker within 48 hours from now.


Trevor Peirce
AcroVoice Solutions Inc

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