[SR-Users] Dimensioning of shared memory for carrierroute

Igor Potjevlesch igor.potjevlesch at gmail.com
Thu Mar 2 16:46:27 CET 2017

Hello Daniel,


Here is the result with 1000 entries: I tried on pre-production only, I can't do this with production:

shmem:fragments = 1

shmem:free_size = 733553288

shmem:max_used_size = 4644216

shmem:real_used_size = 4644216

shmem:total_size = 738197504

shmem:used_size = 3280576


Same server with all entries:

shmem:fragments = 1

shmem:free_size = 463443800

shmem:max_used_size = 274753704

shmem:real_used_size = 274753704

shmem:total_size = 738197504

shmem:used_size = 80521648


And with all entries actually with production started since 4 hours:

shmem:fragments = 53133

shmem:free_size = 60314640

shmem:max_used_size = 681270248

shmem:real_used_size = 677882864

shmem:total_size = 738197504

shmem:used_size = 243119832


Active registrations are around 200. There are also 325000 aliases.

About call setups per second, based on the busiest day of the week, I see 95 CAPS.







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can you give the details for following two cases:


- start kamailio with only 1000 entries in carrier route

- get output of 'kamctl stats shmem'


- start kamailio with all your entries in carrier route

- get output of 'kamctl stats shmem'

Then give also an estimation of how many active registrations and call setups per second you may have in average.

Based on the difference and the estimations, we may be able to give more hints.


On 02/03/2017 12:23, Igor Potjevlesch wrote:



I'd like to dimension shared memory to use "kamctl cr reload" without issue.

Currently, my table "carrierroute" has 204k entries and if I do "kamctl cr reload", the reload fails.


Just after, I have thousands of these errors:

Mar  2 12:10:52 /usr/local/sbin/kamailio[28606]: ERROR: <core> [sip_msg_clone.c:507]: sip_msg_shm_clone(): cannot allocate memory

Mar  2 12:10:52 /usr/local/sbin/kamailio[28606]: ERROR: tm [t_lookup.c:1332]: new_t(): ERROR: new_t: out of mem:

Mar  2 12:10:52 /usr/local/sbin/kamailio[28606]: ERROR: tm [t_lookup.c:1472]: t_newtran(): ERROR: t_newtran: new_t failed


After a reboot, Kamailio back to normal. Actually, I start Kamailio with -m 704 and -M 128.


Thank you for your advises.







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