[SR-Users] kamailio re.subst question.

José Seabra joseseabra4 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 1 17:58:00 CET 2017

Hello There,
I'm trying using the following regexp on re.subst function:

(.*)Calling-Name: ?([\W|0-9A-Za-z_]{5,500} ?[<>:@.|0-9A-Za-z_]{5,500})(.*)$

And the string used for match is the following:

#015#012Calling-Name-Status: available#015#012Calling-Name: "josé" <
sip:5555555552 at>#015#012Presentation-Indicator: allowed#015#012

The Kamailio re.subst function is constructed as the following:

?([\W|0-9A-Za-z_]{5,500} ?[<>:@.|0-9A-Za-z_]{5,500})(.*)$/\2/s});

The issue here is that this re.subst function doesn't match the accents, I
have tested this regex on regex101.com and it does match. My question is
how i can get the same result with re.subst?
Anyone can help?

Thank you
José Seabra
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