[SR-Users] Help detecting t.38 and routing accordingly

Tim Bowyer timbo at timbo.net.au
Thu Jun 22 09:22:36 CEST 2017

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for the prompt reply!
Correct - this may not even be possible? (I've read this strange task may be possible leveraging the b2bua module in OpenSIPS but I don't want to go down that path!!)



Subject: Re: [SR-Users] Help detecting t.38 and routing accordingly

to be sure I understand correctly, do you want to re-route a call to another freeswitch when re-INVITE has t.38, even the initial INVITE was sent to a different freeswitch?

On 22.06.17 08:08, Tim Bowyer wrote:
Hi All,

Trying to work out a way to detect and re-route inbound calls which negotiate or contain t.38 SDP to answer/process faxes efficiently.
Plan is to put Kamailio in front of a quantity of FreeSwitch servers - most virtual, others physical.
Virtual servers will handle inbound faxes which negotiate t.38, and physical servers will answer ulaw/alaw faxes with mod_spandsp.

The bulk of inbound faxes negotiate t.38, but in order to scale our inbound system we need some way to work out which way to send the calls prior to the dispatcher.

Many thanks for your help in advance,



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