[SR-Users] Dispatcher - postponed GW restoration

Ivan Matvieiev i.matvieiev at kwebbl.com
Wed Jun 7 13:41:39 CEST 2017


I'm trying to implement following scenario:
- remote GW is Active (receives calls) and not Probed (no SIP Options are
being sent);
- in case if remote GW failes, it starts to be Probed and become Inactive
("ds_probing_threshold" does this);
- when remote GW returns it remains in Probed and Inactive state for a
- after probing for some amount of time (or a number of successful
responses) it become Active and not Pobed (it can be achieved with

The issue I'm facing is that "ds_inactive_threshold" will bring GW back
only after the number of successful responses that can't be provided using
"ds_probing_mode" with value 2. It stops to produce SIP Options by
successful reply before threshold of successful replies is reached. In case
of "ds_probing_mode" with value 3 I haven't found a way to stop Probing
when GW transits to state Active.

Is there a way to make GW Active after it was Inactive and was successfully
probed for arbitrary number of times?

Some valuable information:
Kamailio: v 4.4.2

modparam("dispatcher", "ds_ping_interval", 3)
modparam("dispatcher", "ds_probing_threshold", 3)
modparam("dispatcher", "ds_inactive_threshold", 60)
modparam("dispatcher", "ds_probing_mode", 2)

If I missed any information please tell me.

With best regards
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