[SR-Users] Kamailio 4.4 with 2 Asterisk 13

Graham Brown graham at differentlife.co.za
Sun Feb 19 09:56:04 CET 2017

I'm trying to load balance 2 Asterisk servers with Kamailio offloading the
registration to Kamailio using the Asterisk real-time database tables.
I have a problem with the dispatcher module, if there is a t_on_failure
route it always goes into that, if I remove that then I would expect every
call to round robin but I'm only ever hitting the same server from the same
extension (seems like sticky session based on source ip).

1. how do I fix my failure route so I can reboot server 1 and server 2 will
be used
2. how to I change the sticky session behaviour.

Another issue I am facing with extensions registering to Asterisk are only
avaliable on the server they routed to My assumption was if using the
Asterisk real-time database I would get the contact on both servers.  Maybe
my architecture is incorrect, I'm open to suggestions. Currently Kamailio
is not storing locations (assuming that is the extension contact) maybe
that is a better solution, but I dont know how to configure Asterisk to
forward everything to Kamailio then or integrate via the database or

Thanks in advance for any help

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