[SR-Users] Os on virtual machine

Daniel-Constantin Mierla miconda at gmail.com
Thu Feb 2 10:41:57 CET 2017


On 01/02/2017 23:05, Diego Nadares wrote:
> Hi guys, 
> We are using vmware to run kamailio. The thing is that they give us
> support only if we install Red Hat. 
> Did you test kamailio on RH? Any issues or things to have in mind?
> What linux dist do you recommend?
there should be no problem running kamailio on RH/CentOS. One thing to
be careful about is selinux, it sets some os limits/restrictions that
can get you in trouble if you have lot of traffic or kamailio workers
(e.g., kimits regarding the number of connection allowed to be opened in
very short time).


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