[SR-Users] Kamailio not forces TLS socket

Yuriy Gorlichenko ovoshlook at gmail.com
Wed Aug 16 23:16:10 CEST 2017

I using uac for send MESSAGE request from kamailio to remote destination

Before sending i setting up $fs seudovariable as

$fs = "tls:";

kamailio listeinig this interface and succesfully receives requests and
sending responses on it

When i call uac_req_send();There is error in log file:

ERROR: tm [ut.h:327]: uri2dst2(): no corresponding socket found for
"" af 2 (udp:
ERROR: tm [uac.c:272]: t_uac_prepare(): t_uac: no socket found

If I setting up udp interface for listening then kamailio ognores my $fs
set up and sending message through udp socket.

kamailio version 4.4.6

Now i trying to roll back to 4.4.4 version but not sure if it will be
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