[SR-Users] kemi lua routing block as route in standart cfg

Yuriy Gorlichenko ovoshlook at gmail.com
Wed Aug 2 13:28:27 CEST 2017

Hi, no
I wanna include  lua routes part at existing kamailio.cfg file

Just wanna rewrite some route with lua code using kemi because lua more
flexible for my needs, but want to call this route at the cfg file.

route {

Where MY_SUPER_ROUTE_IN_LUA is a route written with kemi on lua language.

2017-08-02 14:10 GMT+03:00 Daniel-Constantin Mierla <miconda at gmail.com>:

> Hello,
> On 02.08.17 12:02, Yuriy Gorlichenko wrote:
> > Hello. I found how to implement lua routimg logic with
> > cfgengine but didn't found how to include cimple route in lua at the
> > cfg file
> >
> > Presume i have routing logic and want to include
> > my_super_custom_route written with Kemo on lua.  How i need to set up
> > my config for it work with both engines?
> >
> I am not sure I understand what you try to do. The path to yiour Lua
> script with routing logic has to be set via modparam of app_lua module.
> Are you trying to include a lua file in another lua file?
> Cheers,
> Daniel
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