[SR-Users] ims_charging state machine issue

4fba81+8i7felu07050 at guerrillamail.com 4fba81+8i7felu07050 at guerrillamail.com
Fri Sep 30 13:12:07 CEST 2016

Wanted to ask about changing rates while a call is not yet connected.

I did this,

$var(cc_ret1) = Ro_CCR_Stop("term", "487", "Request Terminated");
$var(cc_ret2) = Ro_CCR("RO_REPLY", "term", 30, "1", "1");

however, upon sending the new CCR, i get this

ERROR: cdp [acctstatemachine.c:185]: cc_acc_client_stateful_sm_process(): Received unknown event [1] in state [1]


CRITICAL: ims_charging [ro_timer.c:122]: insert_ro_timer(): Trying to insert a bogus ro tl=0x7f484ab48728 tl->next=0x7f484ab42858 tl->prev=0x7f484aaa1090

looks like there is some statemachine issue.
question is, how do we change rate?

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