[SR-Users] Load balancing traffic with Kamailio

Nitesh Bansal nbansal at voxbone.com
Thu Sep 29 10:31:22 CEST 2016


I'm planning on doing some smart load balancing with Kamailio.
We have a distributed network, with multiple Kamailio boxes in different
locations serving as Ingress SBC,
these Kamailio boxes are the entry point for a SIP call and then they route
the call to a pre-configured Asterisk boxes.

I want to move away from this, I would like these Kamailios to be able to
distribute the traffic to Asterisk boxes based on the performance of the
Asterisk ,it would be great if we could take a look at SIP response time
from Asterisk and use that as metric for load balancing the traffic)

Is there any Kamailio module which could do that? Do I need to integrate
some other tool with Kamailio to achieve this?

Any suggestions are welcome.

*Nitesh Bansal*
Business Development Engineer

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